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The color correspondence for this Celtic Sign is white and the Tree is Birch. Click to learn more about the Stag or Deer Celtic animal zodiac sign. If this is your Celtic birth sign you are fast on your feet and even faster with your wit. The Cat has high intellect balanced with keen psychic insights.

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Cats are lovable but also somewhat independent. Cat people need creative outlets to keep from mischief.

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The color for this sign is gray and the tree is Rowan. Click to learn more about the Cat Celtic animal zodiac sign. The Snake is a cool cucumber with far more energy than you might expect from their ever calm demeanor. Snake loves a mystery and constantly loves to unravel the world around. Snake people are highly communicative, flexible but also not one to slither away from a fight when cornered. The color for this sign is green and the tree is Ash. Click to learn more about the Snake Adder Celtic animal zodiac sign. Fox people are, well, Foxy!

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You want to talk about someone who can fill a room with sexual energy, this is the sign. Foxes love adventures, mostly for the stories that come out of them. They are also jokesters and gamblers, but would never risk family or friends on a prank. Click to learn more about the Fox Celtic animal zodiac sign.

If you crave stability look no further than the Bull. These people will always stay strong when you need them, and also offer sound advice. Bull people love the finer things in life, and can be a tad stubborn about their tastes. You can trust Bull with your intimate secrets. Click to learn more about the Bull Celtic animal zodiac sign.

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Seahorse is the sign of resourcefulness. They can act quickly to changing circumstances particularly of a legal nature. The Seahorse remembers everything and I do mean everything. Your Seahorse companions will enjoy attention and return it fully.

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They are very smart and can create a budget on a dime. The color for Seahorse is purple and the tree is Hawthorn. Click to learn more about the Seahorse Celtic animal zodiac sign. Venus will officially move out of retrograde on November 16th, and at this time her work will be completed. On the same day she goes direct however, Mercury turns retrograde and will stay in this motion until December 6th. Again, it really seems that the Universe wants us to slow down and reflect before moving ahead. Even though we are still working with retrograde energy through November, there is a glittering event that is really going to dominate and bring some positive energy into our lives.

This event happens on November 8 and is the move of the planet Jupiter out of Scorpio and into its home constellation of Sagittarius.

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  • This is wonderful, positive news, and is going to be one of the best aspects for the next 12 months. While Jupiter is in Sagittarius we are going to feel expansive, abundant, positive, radiant, and we are going to feel hopeful. There has been so much tragedy around the world and so much tension in politics, but Jupiter in Sagittarius is going to help brighten the mood, and allow us to see ways in which we can work together, rather than against each other.

    This New Moon does have some intensity around it, however, it is going to bring more understanding and more resolution to whatever was stirred on the Taurus Full Moon back in October. It is also going to highlight and help wrap up the issues that were bought forward while Jupiter was in Scorpio. While things may come to a head on this New Moon, it is likely that this climax will lead to a resolution and a way to move forward and find forgiveness.

    You have a very positive mindset regarding business. The best career for you, logically, is entrepreneurship. You know how to analyze a particular opportunity. While you can be excited about the possibility that an opportunity brings to the table, you are analytical enough to properly weigh the pros and cons of any type of economic activity. You know how to play your cards and you show a lot of grace when you are with company.

    People born on this day have a great sense of justice. Now this many not always be welcome, but eventually considering how easygoing and optimistic you are, you tend to win people over to your side. This is why you readily take risks. You get a tremendous sense of energy and motivation from the idea that you are going to be trying something new. Make sure that you honor your commitments.

    Here is your horoscope for November 25, 2018

    Fire burns bright. Fire is all-consuming. Fire can be very, very powerful. It seems that regardless of how people want to keep something secret, you will forge ahead and uncover what you need to uncover. You should avoid being too stubborn.

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