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Q: What are the benefits of preparing a horoscope? A horoscope deals with all aspects of life and can tell you the character, personality, mentality, family, marriage, life, fortune, health, education and more. Horoscope helps you make the right decisions in life as in choosing your education and career.

Your horoscope can tell a lot about your health and possible ailments. It will tell you the general pattern of your life flow. It will also reveal the malefic effects of stars, planets and planetary combinations. By identifying such doshas, suggest the remedial measures to prevent or reduce their ill effects. You can prepare your free astrology and horoscope reports using this LifeSign Mini software.

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Q: Is Horoscope matching important for marriage? Marriage matching or checking the horoscope compatibility is the traditional way of fixing Hindu marriages. The process generates a score after checking these parameters based on which one can decide whether an alliance is compatible or not. To you sex is a competitive game, and revenge and jealousy are two of your characteristics that will surface if you aren't winning.

The Scorpio Female.. You have no trouble attracting men. You dress for your mate and will use your seductive, hypnotic eyes to dazzle and captivate your chosen partner.

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You are the type of woman that has a tremendous animalistic energy that can lure and tantalize but you also have a temper that can be explosive. You are extremely demanding when it comes to the art of making love and you lack patience if your mate doesn't satisfy you. You will be loyal and true blue as long as you don't detect weakness in your lover. Who's the Lucky Love Slave? Article 24 - Stress and Health. Scorpio: Hide and Seek Inspiration - Dealing with stress.

Your sign is among the most intense of all the signs. Change is hard for Scorpio, the only fixed sign of the water signs. You are very determined and driven by goals, but while persistence is your forte, flexibility is not. Don't try to control too many elements in your life recognize that some events will have a life of their own. Your water element makes you feel the impact of events deeply. Don't take setbacks personally.

Among your talents is a sharp and shrewd intuition, which will help you navigate through turbulent waters. At times "facts" may not jibe with certain hunches you have and it will be hard for you to trust the hunches. Do it. You could even be psychic or prophetic, "feeling" events around you that are soon to happen. My late father was a Scorpio. He knew he was highly intuitive and relied on it frequently in making decisions.

He strongly urged us, his children, to listen to our inner voices too. This was surprising because he lived in a time when men rarely saw themselves is intuitive or psychic or least didn't admit to it. Men of his era preferred to profess their reliance on observable data.

My father's instincts were always accurate, both in business and in his personal life. So, of course he was Scorpio! Your sign, more than any other, has to occasionally take time for themselves and be alone. Your Pluto ruler can sometimes make you compulsive about your work, and if this describes you, you need to let up a little. Your Astrologer sees you on a very private estate, with high hedges for privacy, a lovely garden, and, most importantly, a view of the sea. It's good to dream! Remember, water is truly vital to water signs, and it will be harder to recover your sense of purpose without being near water.

So go to the seashore, a lake, or a spot with a river view to center yourself. Turn on the answering machine; leave your cellular at home. Mediation and prayer are good for Scorpio. One Scorpio I know is Jewish but loved to accompany his woman friend to Mass, for he found the rhythm of the prayers and music profoundly peaceful. For this man, Mass was an ideal place to think privately. There was never any question he would remain devoutly Jewish. This makes perfect sense because Scorpio is a deeply spiritual sign, and often has an understanding and interest in other religions.

Because their sign rules the 8th house of birth-death cycles, Scorpios are closer to life's beginnings and endings. Slow, deliberate exercise such as yoga or tai chi would be helpful to you, as well as any solitary activity, like running along the water would be perfect , bike riding, speed walking, or lifting weights.

Yours is a sign, which likes to compete with themselves rather than others, always reaching for your personal best. Quiet games of contemplation and skill would be ideal for you too. Play chess or poker good games of strategy for discrete Scorpio with a friend who can throw you a challenge.

You like mystery novels too. Spy stories where the fate of the world hinges on the actions of one individual will relax you, and provide you with a hero you can identify with! One good way to slow down is by using personal rituals, something your fixed, water nature responds to. By ritual I don't mean an activity connected to religion but one which you create spontaneously to punctuate an event, whether it be happy or sad.

Whether you lost a pet, got fired, won a contest of skill, or want to ask your sweetheart to marry you, make a little special event out of it. Rituals help us understand the benchmarks of our lives and help us over the transom from one plane to another. As a Scorpio, your still waters go deep.

The ritual could be a little one writing down your feelings about a broken relationship and then burning what you wrote with all the love letters you had saved or a bigger one planning a funeral for your pet. To profess your love to your sweetheart, you might plan an evening of serious lovemaking, complete with new bed linens, fresh flowers, candlelight and so forth. Set the date in advance as well as the time, place and schedule for example, dinner out first, then dancing, then home. Rituals are pause buttons which help separate out the mundane from what truly matters.

They can help you relax and become more in sync with your life. A departing word for you, Scorpio. Try not to shut out loved ones. A Scorpio who is feeling troubled is nearly impossible to read. When stress hits, you will seem a million miles away to your family and friends. While initially you will feel depleted by everyday life, including the mere conversation, those around will want to help you by giving you their perspective on your plight. Sometimes Scorpios will remain isolated within themselves too long, as tension makes them throw up barriers in self-protection.

Because you won't be getting any input from others, your perspective can become distorted. Recognize that this can happen to you. Your need for physical affection is important, and will reaffirm your self-worth, but your lover will hesitate to reach out to you if you shut him or her out. Open up a little, see how things go.

Accept and give physical love. Intense, driven and often secretive, Scorpio needs an outlet for your powerful emotions more than any other sign. You can be obsessive, and have an "all or nothing" determination about whatever you do. When Scorpios decide to diet, they can go overboard. This can be harmful if it leads to yo-yo dieting or an eating disorder. Still, whatever a Scorpio puts their mind to, they usually accomplish. You'll need be smart about channeling any pent-up frustrations into healthy, stress-relieving activities. Boxing, long-distance running or a fast game of squash any strenuous sport is good could help you use up all that energy and stress before it starts to hurt you.

Although your sign is highly competitive, you prefer to be alone when trying to unwind. The term "personal best" had to be coined by a loner Scorpio. Scorpio usually does not like to work out in teams or groups. Try the Stairmaster, weight lifting Mars governs iron , or gymnastics.

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Slow jogging, or yoga combined with meditation are good ways to get the kinks out. Of course, the fact that exercise is good for your sex life should be a big motivating factor for any hot-blooded Scorpio! Realize that Scorpio rules the reproduction organs and a Scorpio without physical affection will soon feel sad or lonely.

If your sex life is less than ideal, talk things out with your sweetheart, or get some counseling. Everyone, not just sexy Scorpios should follow safe sex procedures not only to avoid AIDS but for unintended pregnancy and any number of sexually transmitted diseases.

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You have a rich and varied emotional life to say the least! Be sure to share your problems with those close to you as soon as they occur not months later, which is Scorpio's tendency. Realize that the demands you place on yourself are higher than those anyone else would impose on you. You continually try to pack as much as possible into every day.

Take time to look around you once and awhile. Remember too that you can get to be obsessed with things; try for more balance. Your unwavering determination and commitment to success in all things. You have no time for that you're going for the burn! Life often calls upon us to dump what we're doing and go to Plan B. Head to the doctor and dentist for a check-up. If you have a chronic health problem, Saturn will help you locate the right doctor for your condition. They will give you an example of what to expect. You will need your time and date of birth and place where you were born.

More details on each of the Free profiles in each section. The three profiles take up quite a bit of space so I've put them on a separate page. Click here and the page will open in a new window so you don't lose your place here. Just close the new window when you have finished - So thoughtful aren't I.. The Original name of Scorpio was Typhon the serpent. Same name as the snake in the garden of Eden. It was represented by a snake swalling its tail. Creating a circle representing eternity, creation and death.

Between the two was placed the Babylonian Whore Virgo before she was a virgin. The claws of Scorpio were the "eye for an eye" claws of justice before the last sign Libra was constructed. Or what we are good at! This is the numerical rank of Scorpio births by field of eminence as listed in the Encyclopedia Britannica, Micropaedia, edition. If you wish to see other rankings, click on the picture to go to Expac. Article 28 - General Scorpio Description.

Scorpions like to study what makes people tick. Their goal is to unravel the deepest mysteries of the unconscious, to challenge any possible fears, and finally to make their actions correspond perfectly with their feelings. As the sign of death and regeneration, Scorpios can destroy and create with the same intensity of passion. In this vibration all reality- even death- is felt and accepted unblinkingly.

It is almost as if Scorpio natives have decided to live with an intensity based on the knowledge that any moment might be their last. Scorpios have a firm sense of determination that often turns into a form of devotion to whatever it is they need to do to get what they desire. Scorpios know what they want and they have the courage, willpower, and drive to get it, or the pride, self-control, and stubbornness to live without it.

In fact, Scorpio is the sign in which self-control is most intense. No other vibration is as relentlessly committed to facing reality, no matter how gloomy that reality might be. Secretive, extremely intense are seldom soft-hearted or overly sentimental, they feel that life is a difficult game in which they have to hang tough in order to win.

But that doesn't mean its natives are devoid of compassion, Scorpios are intuitive and inspirational, and very protective of people to whom they are attached. Few parents are more devoted to their children than Scorpio parents. Scorpios are very dependable and are very prone to live up to any commitments that are honestly made. Scorpios have a great deal of animal magnetism. People are drawn to them. They are the most sexually secure of all the signs. Scorpio people are variously described as powerful, weak, independent, clinging, passionate, and cold.

Clearly, you are a bundle of contradictions encompassing the best and worst in human nature. The key to your personality is intensity. Magnetic, emotional, capable of exerting tremendous force, your strength is hidden in the depths. In the sign of Scorpio the element of water is fixed, and image that suggests an iceberg or a bottomless well.

You may appear impassive, sometimes unapproachable, but turbulent passions are always rolling underneath, invisible on the surface. You need a positive avenue of expression - in career or love or creative achievement - or your feelings turn inward, become imprisoned, at times even destructive. More than natives of any other sign, Scorpios live at a high pitch of emotion. Its negative aspects are brooding, jealousy, resentment, even vengefulness.

The positive aspect is your unswerving dedication once your emotions are engaged. The Scorpio energy, drive and endurance are legendary. Above all you seek you give your life a meaningful pattern, to find a deeper purpose. You have a philosophical turn of mind and may become interested in religion and the occult. Your sixth sense enables you to intuit things before they happen.

You are blessed with a native understanding of the human heart and a great awareness of life's secrets. All the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces tend to be psychic, but Scorpios delve into the powers of the mind that others are afraid of. This is the Zodiacal sign of birth, sex, death and regeneration - areas of human existence in which a person confronts the mysteries of the universe.

Many Scorpio natives are brilliant doctors, surgeons, scientists, and spiritual leaders. The complexity of your mind make's it difficult for you to skim the surface; you must uncover what lies beneath. Whenever you are studying a new subject, learning a language, hunting down a fact, or just reading for amusement, there is a quality of penetration in the way your mind works.

Your relationships are usually complicated. This is not surprising when you consider that you can be simultaneously generous and affectionate, violent and unpredictable. In your sunniest moods there is always a hint of an imminent change in the weather. You are also deeply loyal to friends but are also intensely jealous and possessive. You cannot tolerate the thought that anyone you love might have a yearning or even a simple yen for anyone else.

With you, it is usually all or nothing. Moderation and emotional restraint are not in your emotional vocabulary. You never forget a kindness and try to repay it handsomely. Conversely, you never forgive an injury and will wait for years to get even. In fact, most of the time getting even isn't enough - you want vengeance. It is strictly not advisable to do harm to any Scorpio. You may make a dangerous enemy, for you are as subtle and as deadly as the symbol of your sign.

You are a fierce competitor, though often you manage to conceal this from others. You file away pieces of information, facts, names and don't hesitate to use what you know if the occasion arises. When you spot a weakness in a rival you move in quickly for the kill. You are adaptable, able quickly to change your formidable energies into new paths and to embark on an entirely different career.

Confronted with disaster, you will try to turn it into success. Practical and shrewd, you believe in tangible immediate goals, and your single-minded concentration on getting what you want is formidable. Clever with money, conservative about spending, you have an excellent chance to amass wealth.

In business, you tend to accomplish things first and announce then second. By the time an opponent is aware of your progress, it is a fait accompli. Your nature makes you subject to obsessive drive, which can be resistant to reason. You will dominate and control anyone who lets you. Suspicious and wary, you are reluctant to trust your heart to anyone, but once you do, you love deeply. Too many astrologers, in describing the sign of Scorpio, forget to emphasize how loving, generous, kind, loyal even gentle a Scorpio can be.

Many idealists who adhere to high principles and have a great positive force for helping others are born under this sign. What all Scorpios have in common is intensity of feeling. Emotion not only rules, it characterizes you. You are passionate in love, and passionate about everything in which you become involved. You are an individual painted in vivid colors; There is not such thing as a pastel Scorpio.

Home, company, the good life. Respect, power and redress for injury. Facing challenges, finding solutions, keeping active, and winning. Betrayal, indolence, half measures and trivia. Mediocrity and lack of control. Shallow, dishonest or weak characters. But moods and unspoken feelings can cause misunderstandings.

You are aggressive, outspoken, enthusiastic and combative. You love to take chances and can be somewhat accident-prone. You may have a chip on you shoulder and come on too forcefully, making others angry. You are strongly physical and need a partner who can match you stride for stride.

You see life as a means of self-discovery through trial and error. You seek shared experiences at every opportunity, and you have an easy, charming, gracious and impersonal feeling for humanity. You have a deep need for everyone to like you and have a natural courtesy, charm and diplomatic manner; your emotional well-being depends upon approval of others, and so you are eager to please. You tend to live for the moment and you run the scale of highs and lows with every shift of events.

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  • You are friendly, easy-going and popular, but if you use this position negatively you can be capricious, fickle and critical. Because you easily succumb to flattery, you must consciously develop self-reliance and learn how to say no. You must curb your tendencies to indolence and flirtation. Your sense impressions are strong aesthetically; you feel a need to serve beauty. You experience the senses through the mind, and you evaluate the facts, but you do not criticize or analyze them. The Libra mind is more contemplative; you build great ideas, but you are not always ready to act on them.

    For you judgment is more important than execution. Decisiveness is not usually a strong quality with this placement, but your illusive sweetness hides a great strength. You have a fondness for music, poetry and the arts. Although you have some ability in these fields, you usually prefer to appreciate rather than perform. Affectionate and good-natured, you are often in demand in social circles. The people around you affect you, and your love life depends on how much you are appreciated.

    Partners are important to you since you work best in conjunction with others, and because you are dependent on their reactions. You are critical, skeptical and at times even secretive or suspicious. You are set in your opinions and it is difficult to convince you to change your mind. You are shrewd, forceful and apt to be too incisive with tongue or pen.

    Either you can needlessly wound others, or you can turn that sarcasm into an exquisite wit. This investigative and probing position is good for any of the healing professions; it is also good for chemistry, photography, detective work, occultism, research and big business. Your mind is deep but rarely charitable; your determination is boundless and your mentality is so fixed that you can overcome all obstacles to get what you want.

    Emotionally idealistic, you are also light, humorous, sociable and even flirty. Demonstrative, friendly, sociable, outgoing, you love freedom.

    You have many friends and are objective in your personal relationship. You are honest, and your tastes and morals are traditional. You prefer the classical approach to the ultra-modern. You enjoy the outdoors as well as sports, travel, pleasures, fun and gambling. You like people who are philosophical or concerned with education.

    You may marry a foreigner. With difficult aspects, you can be too breezy, fickle or pleasure seeking. You may be too frank in expressing your feelings, or you might try to impose your beliefs on others. Your nature is affectionate, warmhearted, congenial and fun loving, and you don't like to think of the seamy side of life.

    You enjoy family life but need and expect independence. You may lack ambition to do much with your abilities and talents because everything comes to easily to you. Introverted or Receptive. Feminine Sign. A Water Sign. Your keywords in life are "I create. Scorpio rules the generative system; the creative fountain of all physical life. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and its symbol is the Scorpion. Scorpio is a Water sign, passionate and intense. Scorpio is the mystery sign of the zodiac. It is the death sign and the sign in which the battle must be fought between the soul and the personality.

    The personality has to die. Devil or angel, there is no in between. Either black or white. The high soul seeks the high way, And the low soul seeks the low, And in between on the misty flats The rest drift to and fro. There are no Scorpios found on the misty flats. It is the only sign that has three symbols indicating the tests that embrace the three-fold personality. Mental, emotional and physical levels are all involved.

    The Scorpion is the lowest symbol of the sign who, rather than forego the pleasure of stinging, will sting himself to death; the eagle, symbol of the bird that can fly closer to the Sun than any other; and the phoenix bird resurrected from the ashes of the dead self. Transfiguration and resurrection must take place throughout your life. Scorpios have a very strong reserve and are not easily understood.

    There is so much that lies hidden beneath the surface. You command respect from acquaintances due to your strong, quiet exterior, but you have to earn the respect of those close to you. There is tremendous creativeness and great resourcefulness within you. You can be sarcastic and it can be deadly if you use it vindictively.

    You have a supercritical nature about you and a tendency to pass judgment upon others. Your stubbornness causes problems in relationships. Relationships call for equality and a responsibility you prefer to avoid. Pets are good for you because you can be their masters and won't have to relate to them on an equal basis. Scorpio is the sex sign of the zodiac and Scorpios have strong passions that need regenerating.

    There is a tremendous pride in this sign that will not allow any emotion to ruffle the surface of your true nature. Your emotions don't show up on the surface very easily. You have tremendous strength and power when you rise above personality reactions. Scorpios are truly powerful when they do not seek power for self, but seek to be used by the power to heal and bless others. Your goals are reached through service, purity, compassion and humility. When you serve others and forget yourself you are truly dynamic. Your regeneration lies in learning to be cooperative and outgoing toward others.

    You are adept at sensing what is going on beneath the surface, especially in business dealing and intimate relationships. You seem to have "inside knowledge" to influence or to manipulate, to corrupt or to purge, to harm or to heal. You have a penetrating insight that no other Sign has. You're able to bring to the surface what's causing the trouble in any situation. You have an awareness of what sex is for and what it is about.

    You can really get to people's feelings and desires. You thrive in a crisis and you achieve more when the going gets rough. Your power can appear as a magnetic charm that can be totally disarming, or as downright cruel, trampling others and striking unexpectedly. You can raise others from the depths—or hurl them down there! Behind this power is a kind of nuclear energy that allows you to drive on through the night, literally or metaphorically.

    You also like to test your grit by indulging in the lowest levels of life experience, and then coming up not only intact but positively regenerated. You are a transformer that lives through desiring. Many astrologers consider the sign of Scorpio as the most powerful of all the signs of the zodiac. Pluto, the ancient god of the nether-world, death, and regeneration, exerts its influence very strongly on those born under this sign. Scorpios are know for their intensity and passion. Their drive in life is improve the status quo through their actions and to change the world for the better, provided that they can temper their own desires.

    Scorpios are staunch defenders of justice and will fight to the end for causes they believe to be just. They are idealistic and are guided by the highest principles. Scorpios never get into anything "half-way". Scorpios live their life in extremes. They can be at the same time powerful and weak, independent and clingy, passionate and cold.

    They hide turbulent and temperamental urges beneath a confident exterior. They are prone to being possessive and jealous, and their relationships are often stormy. Their unpredictable nature and their intense feelings often lead others to keep their distance, but if Scorpios are given a chance, they can prove to be loving, generous, and fiercely loyal.

    Scorpios can prove that strong emotions can be channeled positively. Scorpios are passionate about everything that they become involved in, including romance. It represents regeneration by the enlargement of your viewpoint, both spiritual and mental. It also represents death, both in the physical sense, as well as in the death of anything irrelevant in our lives and could include relationships and values.

    This house rules the psychic. Every eighth house operation is a celestial messenger in disguise. In the wake of an eighth house storm there is always a rainbow if we lift our eyes to see it. Courtesy of: Destiny Connections. Article 34 - Meditation for a Scorpio - Read till end! Birds are softly chirping in the crisp, cool, mountain air.

    No one knows your secret place. The water is crystal clear You can easily make out the face of the person you're holding under the water. Scorpio, the sign with the stinger, is adored and feared, desired and reviled.

    Advanced Astrology Chart Free

    Why does this sign evoke such intense responses in many people, even those who know little about astrology? It is the season, I think. You know, Halloween, the Day of the Dead, falling leaves, shrinking days. Scorpio is a reminder that things must die so that others may be born. It is a remembrance of our mortality and the impossibility of cheating death.

    It is sex and death, clinging lovers in the dance of life, the passion of connection that leads to conception, the urge to merge that brings babies, the natural rhythms blotted out by electric lights and medical technology. Scorpio is seen darkly because it touches so much that we reject. We want sex, but have been told that it is impure. Death beckons us all, but is denied in cellophane-wrapped America, a culture of the young in permanent denial of the wisdom, degeneration, and transformation of old age. Scorpio is also about power - oh yes, that too.

    It's about the exchange of emotions, feelings, and dollars, of time for money that we call work. Yet we turn our eyes away from the exchange, wanting but not watching, desiring without understanding. We're in denial, too independent, wanting open relationships, modern relationships, negotiable partnerships with reasonable limits. But what are the limits of love, of passion, of the Soul? Why must we draw such clear lines of separation when that very separation is an illusion itself, the Cardinal Illusion that we are separate individuals, when we are truly bound together by our common humanness?

    Scorpio threatens us because we have forgotten that we are not apart, that we are connected to one another and everything else. It is Scorpio whose waters descend into our cracks and crevices, separating us from the separations and reminding us that we are One. Describing the ways in which Scorpio works in one's chart and life is not easy.

    The reason is that there seem to be two distinct ways in which Scorpio expresses itself. There is the introverted Scorpio energy, closed, repressed feelings, and fear of self-expression and power. The extroverted Scorpio energy, however, is a powerful force for change, showing itself as passion and intensity. There are some astrological clues, of course, as to which is more likely in a given natal chart, although we can certainly change patterns during the course of a life.

    First, the overall tone of the chart is a useful guide. If there is a strong emphasis on outgoing signs primarily Fire and Air or planets Mars, Sun, Jupiter , the extroverted side will probably dominate. If, however, the chart is characterized by Water and Earth or heavy Saturn and Pluto placements, Scorpio is probably going to withhold its secrets and feelings.

    Other keys are the conditions of Scorpio's ruling planets, Mars and Pluto. Ruling planets, those most closely associated with a particular sign, provide rich detail about the most likely forms of its expression.

    Free Online Vedic Astrology Prediction | Future Point

    If you have Scorpio on the cusp of the 2nd house of money and resources, Mars in exacting Virgo may indicate a more careful and self-critical approach to these matters. But, if Mars is in adventurous Sagittarius, an individual may take more risks with money and resources.

    The influence of Pluto is also quite important here, but its slow movement through the zodiac over years means that it can stay in a single sign for over 20 years! Pluto's sign, then, is a less personal and reliable guide to Scorpio's expression. Instead, note the aspects that Pluto forms, as well as its natal house placement.

    If someone has Pluto in a harmonious sextile to the natal Moon, he or she may be confident about dealing with crises and change. Pluto square the Moon, however, may require years of deep personal work or just the grace of God to overcome its fundamental distrust in the nurturance of life. Astrology's rulership scheme helps us weave together seemingly disparate pieces of the chart. A person might have Scorpio on the cusp of the 4th house.

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