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In the Vedic system of astrology, prominence is given to nine planets. Which are known as Nava Grahas. They are here with their Sanskrit names. Even though these planets can insight into our destiny. The true results are derived from the placement of Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions which lies behind the planets. At this point, Western astrology students may get confused. There are 12 signs; planets are traveling through these signs. There are other constellations which behind these planets other than these 12 signs.

These constellations are 28 in number. They are known as lunar mansions or nakshatras. Among these 28 nakshatras 27 are known as feminine nakshatra and the 28th one is considered as the male entity. So, for astrology consultation, only 27 nakshatras are taken into consideration.

These 27 lunar mansions or nakshatras makes Vedic astrology more detailed. In the next chapters, we will study more about Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology chart has 12 houses like the western chart. The matters allotted to each house are almost all the same, but there is much more in Vedic astrology. This introduction to Vedic Astrology was written by Jaya Shree, a guest poster.

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Powered by Your Inspiration Themes. Website design by Website Solutions Essex. Privacy Policy. Article Submission. Partnership guidelines. An Introduction To Vedic Astrology. Share on facebook twitter google pinterest bookmark. An Introduction to Vedic Astrology Most people in the western world are not family with Vedic astrology. Jaya Shree is a Vedic astrologer from India and practicing astrology for the last 14 years. She is basically a theologian specialized in Christian theology. Even though she is a self learner in astrology, she has been trained by No.

N Rao and Shree. Dipak Bisaria. She has her own website and an astrology expert with other astrology companies as well. Other than her astrology works, she has a full time job as a techie. Where's your Rahu and Ketu North and South node? In Vedic, it's the moon that's most important because it represents the mind and your instincts--the true you. You could have Leo, Sun, or 5th house placements prominent elsewhere in your chart, that's why you have to look beyond your sun sign which irks the hell out of me with Western astrology.

People know their sun and the buck stops there, but it doesn't. Mar 30, 8. Mar 30, 9. Vedic and Sidereal are the most accurate. Mar 30, There have been lots of tests of the accuracy of Western astrology; recently there was a test of the accuracy of Vedic astrology. Our experiment was performed in the university city of Pune formerly Poona about km miles southeast of Mumbai From the collected data we selected bright and mentally handicapped cases The destinies of these cases could hardly be more different Each horoscope birth chart was calculated by one of us PG using commercial astrological software.

All horoscopes were coded and stored in safe custody by Professor Kunte at Pune University, so that neither the experimenters our group of four nor the astrologers could know the identities of the individuals. We explained that each participant would be given forty horoscopes drawn at random from our set of and would have to judge whether their owners were mentally bright or handicapped So they clearly formed a competent group.

Their average experience was fourteen years.

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The average for all twenty-seven astrologers was Our results contradict the claims of Indian astrologers and are consistent with the many tests of Western astrologers. Thanks x 1. How can the white Santa and the black Santa be real? Skeptical x 1. Aug 10, I'm going to give my take on it which is If I'm not mistaken astronomers use sidereal right??

Chinese too. Astrology is astrology, no matter what you call it. That's why.

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It's the same shit, different name. The Lagna rising sign is also of great importance. I suppose that the ayanamsha will have to be expanded, no?

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The constellations will likely stay in place for the next few centuries, it'll just be the solstices and equinoxes shifting. That also skews the different astrological ages; they've been saying we're in the age of Aquarius, we're actually in the age of Pisces.

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Jan 21, I'm just now learning about this. I don't know what that means lol but it's cool. I'm still trying to figure out a lot. I know some stuff has changed in our charts and we became even more compatible. The Vedic shit seem a lil bit more accurate. Last edited: Jan 21, It's like the one person mentioned with religion - people choose what speaks to them or seems the most in line with their truth.

I am such a stereotypical Virgo that it's probably easy to guess that I am one. My Moon is def a Sag moon and Vedic said Scorpio.. But maybe to others it works for them. Now, I have Leo in my Mercury and Mars, but on the surface I do not behave or think like a Leo on a daily basis, especially compared to other Leos. The other placements in the Vedic chart really didn't make sense to me the way Western astrology does.

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Western astrology just seems the most accurate for me and those I know when doing interpretations. I won't completely dismiss Vedic as I think it's important to know a little bit about all things but I use experience to figure out which is the best to follow. For me, Western astrology is more accurate. I defintely don't believe in anchoring the zodiac on the constellations.