November 6 cancer daily horoscope

News Corp WSJ. Sign in. All Fabulous. Mystic Meg October 7: The plans you make with a partner give you so much to look forward to. Today's Fabulous Videos. Teacher transformed her classroom into her very own Hogwarts. Wedding guest spotted flashing their middle finger at the bride in viral snap. But what if you aren't familiar with the concept or don't know which zodiac sign you are? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Mystic Meg October 1: Letting someone say sorry could be so right for your love life.

Mystic Meg September Love works best when you keep it simple and be your real self. Feel your feelings deeply. Don't judge them -- and definitely don't act on them, because they could change in a flash.

Your Horoscopes for the Week of November 6

Just sit with them until they pass though. If you're involved in a relationship of any sort, today could present some beautiful and intense moments for you and your partner -- or you could find yourselves locked in a battle that's both overwhelming and confusing.

Obviously, you should strive for the former! Focus on what you love and respect about each other. If you're on your own, turn that sense of love and trust toward yourself.

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It's good to look deeply within yourself and increase your self-awareness, but don't be hard on yourself during that vulnerable process. Old, irrational insecurities could bubble to the surface today, and if you aren't prepared for them, you could spend the day in a serious funk. Be proactive about this. Talk your issues over with a trusted friend or therapist. See if you can find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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  6. Look deeply into things that interest you now, and notice the nuance in human relationships. You may discover that you're feeling things you didn't expect, or that you're experiencing certain insecurities.


    If so, take a compassionate view of them. Treat yourself as you would a good friend who came to you for advice and support. You're ardently passionate about someone or something today. These feelings could easily become obsessive, which may or may not be a bad thing. If you're immersing yourself in a creative work or a healthy relationship, then have fun with the intensity of feeling. But if you're feeling drawn toward someone who isn't appropriate for you, remind yourself that feelings change quickly. | Daily horoscopes written by Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer

    Try not to do anything you'll regret later. Suddenly, you're thrust into the role of therapist or confidant for all your friends. Even perfect strangers may seem drawn to your obvious intelligence and keen eye for the motivations behind people's behaviour. If someone tries to make a big deal of something you think is of no importance just ignore them. Put your needs first. Jealousy could rear its ugly head today, and if it does you must deal with it ruthlessly. Nothing will daunt you over the next 24 hours.


    Somewhere deep inside you know with absolute certainty that what you are doing is right and that the universe will guide and protect you. How can you be defeated when you feel so positive? Just ignore them with grand contempt and carry on as before. The fact that they oppose you so strongly means you must be doing something right.

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    But give yourself a break now and again. You have so many opportunities to choose from at the moment that it may be a bit confusing. How do you know which is the right one for you? Slow down your mind a bit and let your inner voice speak to you.

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    It knows what you need. You must stay focused today, because if you allow your thoughts to wander even a little bit they may end up miles from where they should be. Your imagination should be your tool, not your master, so tame it and make it work for you. You may look calm on the outside but on the inside there is a great deal of anger — and it must be dealt with. Whatever it is that has annoyed you to such an extent there is no point going to war over it.

    Forgive, forget and move on. Be careful when dealing with people who seem to say all the right things and in such a nice way, because they could be setting you up for a fall. The more someone promises they can make you rich the more likely it is they will make you poor!