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It is the only constellation which connects with another constellation Serpens, also the only one spanning celestial equator, galactic equator and ecliptic.

Ophiuchus is huge and wide, just like a rectangle diagonally crossed by the celestial equator. Although it spans a very short range of the Milky Way, the center of the Milky Way is located within the Sagittarius not far from the Ophiuchus, where the Milky Way has a prominent part, forming the broadest area of the Milky Way.

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Aries Mar. Nasa New 13 Zodiac Signs Dates 13 Zodiac Signs and Their Dates Do you know that your zodiac sign is on the apparent path the ecliptic with twelve constellations of the Sun across the celestial sphere over the course of the year?

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The element that matches your star sign is said to determine your personality When the ancient astrologers categorised star constellations into times of the year, they had no idea that the Earth actually wobbles around its axis in a 25,year cycle. This "wobble" is called precession and is caused by the gravitational pull of the moon on the Earth.

Over the past 2, years this wobble has skewed the Earth so that all the star signs for everyone alive today are now wrong by almost one whole month. A Bristol academic claims to have finally decoded the Voynich manuscript, the "world's most mysterious text".

Can Your Zodiac Sign Change? Here’s What Astrologists Say

We pay for your stories! The constellations have shifted.

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The zodiac sign dates have not. Western astrology is based on the seasons, NOT the constellations. Bottom line: The signs and the constellations are two entirely different things.

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The zodiac signs are named after the constellations, but not tied to them. Bottom line: The zodiac signs and the constellations are two entirely different things. Ophiuchus has been around for over 3, years. Ophiuchus is only one of 88 constellations! You may also like. October Monthly Horoscope: War and Peace?

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