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Taking stock of finances this month is important for finances sake, it should not lead you to equate yourself with may 29 birthday horoscope you earn. If adopted, use the name your birth parents gave you, otherwise use your full adopted name. It usually brings the result as a percentage may 29 birthday horoscope compatibility. If you are one of these signs just stay away from cap girlsseriously even they are the best looking chick around.

Also, she is an easy touch to those. Just became a member and loving the extra knowledge and info. The numerology reading helps me to stay focused on my'purpose' in life and assists me in understanding those difficult relationships and situations. If you have this birthday your logical and analytical mind is good at overcoming obstacles as well as being naturally rather tactful and understanding. You tend to take responsibilities seriously and will go out of your way to avoid arguments or any kind of unpleasantness.

Determined and tenacious you are incredibly loyal and seem to strongly seek stability but you may have a little difficulty expressing your true feelings. Individuals with an October the seventeenth birthday are free spirits preferring their own routines and they could be very inflexible in changing them. You are ordinarily fairly quiet, a bit nervy and rather creative but a slight streak of rebel can make you also a tad impulsive.

The creativity attributed to a person born on the seventeenth of October can sometimes dictate the direction of chosen career paths. Aside from this, as the most decisive of your zodiac group you will also be attracted to managerial type positions. You are not often put off by a job requiring lots of hard work and diligence as you find these sort of occupations suit your assiduous disposition.

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You will be generally careful with budgeting despite your impulsiveness. This is because you understand the importance of having savings and the financial security it provides helping you normally keep finances and spending well balanced. For a Libra, the person born on the seventeenth day of October is typically immensely loving and passionate, yet unusually for this star sign craves time alone occasionally.

You like to have a subtle control on your relationship and are often very averse to any form of bossiness from a loved one. A partner will need plenty of patience to put up with your alternating hot and cold emotions and help you unwind and relax. Your destined soul mate should be able to teach you the many benefits of compromise. You tend to give and also demand lots of attention with the inclination to speedily withdraw your affections if feeling particularly ignored or unloved.

Although you really appreciate privacy at home you will in addition enjoy entertaining family and friends once in a while too. When your deep passions are aroused a lusty libido is exposed making you an exciting adventurous lover between the sheets. The continuance of good health experienced by those born on October 17th is assisted by your usual serious attitude to looking after yourself.

You are especially fond of expressing your talents in the kitchen and experimenting with different tastes so it is rare for you to suffer from nutritional deficiencies. You may however have a tendency to occasional overindulgence and a proneness for a sweet tooth can mean easy weight gain. To compensate and continue eating favorite foods you could consider moderate gentle exercise like walking or swimming.

People born on this day have a slight lack of fear that can make them accident prone. Your main strengths of character are probably seen in your self confident, resilient and daring side of your temperament. Along with your logic and tact you are highly responsible and determined in line with your avid longing to be admired and respected. The personality weaknesses for those born on October 17th can surface in situations where you are having a bad day and everything seems to appear negative.

On these occasions the negativity can manifest as you appearing uncharacteristically overconfident, reckless or stubborn in manner. Additionally your little streaks of rebelliousness, impulsiveness and inflexibility are sure to increase. Being born on the 17th of October means it is unlikely that you view life through rose colored glasses. You have your feet firmly on the ground and are not often deterred by the hard work that may be required to acquire your most desired status. With goal driven achievements you are inclined to measure your level of success more on the effort you have put in rather than the results.

Dreaming episodes seem to focus on your inner yearning for balance and calmness in all areas of life. As you were born on the seventeenth day of the month the one and seven in your date of birth add up to a Root number of Eight. This numerical reference to your birthday has the keyword 'Leader' identifying your preference to take the lead and feel in control plus the seriousness you place on responsibility. In Tarot the 17th Major Arcana card depicting the Star is associated with your birthday.

This symbolizes how your optimism and insight shine through getting you noticed. The lucky gemstone for October the seventeenth birthdays is a Black Pearl. Astrologically the probabilities of all Libra personalities are imagined to be influenced by the planet Venus's dominance.

The actual day you were born on, the seventeenth of October is governed by Saturn's celestial influence accounting for some of your predicted untypical traits. Your inquiring mind and quickness to absorb information aid and intensify your persistence, tactfulness and loyalty. These qualities allow you to stay ahead of the latest news and trends and make steady progress throughout life. How do you nurture 12th house planets in the life of a loved one? It's the changing of the seasons, and Mercury is finally going direct.

Learn all about it in this week's horoscope corner of Ghost of a Podcast. What do you do when you feel like an alien, and you're not sure where you're going? A listener wrote in to ask about life after the Saturn Return. Join Jessica as she talks about the transits of the week ahead.

Breaking up is hard to do. A listener wrote in to ask how a sensitive person can do what she knows will hurt others, and Lanyadoo has answers. This week's horoscope unpacks this month's Mercury Retrograde, and the personal as well as the societal potential that it yields. Plus, get ready to charge your crystals - it's a New Moon this week in mystical Pisces! New episodes drop every Monday!

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In the third and final part of An Evening of Mediumship, Jessica delivers more messages from loved ones who've passed on — including one from an animal friend! In the horoscope this week, Jessica explores moods and the Moon, just in time for the Full Moon in Virgo. She also breaks down the conjunction, what it means, and how it plays into the astrology of the week.

Download Tiny Spark to your iOS device. Part 2 of An Evening of Mediumship, where Jessica delivered messages from loved ones who've passed on. Get ready for a Valentine's Day rant and your horoscope in the astrology corner, of this very tender episode. At a live evening of mediumship in San Francisco, Jessica delivered messages from loved ones who've passed on. In this week's GOAP you can hear some of those readings. This week's horoscope comes with lots of sextiles - find out what it means, and align yourself with the potential of the New Moon in Aquarius.

A listener asks how to know when pushing yourself to be more forgiving is good versus when you're expecting too much from yourself.

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From a Saturn sextile to Neptune to a Mars conjunction to Pluto, Jessica's got you covered with this week's horoscope! This week Jessica answers six different listener questions, and touches on love, astrology, and hard times. A listener wrote in to ask if her powerful connection with her ex might be a Twin Flame. This week's horoscope brings up compulsion, heavy thinking, and potential for major breakthroughs! Leverage the planetary weather forecast for living your best life. It's Jessica's birthday! In this episode she talks about aging, having a face, and the value of fear.

In the horoscope corner, Lanyadoo does a little Uranus in Aries check in and offers you tools for this week's somewhat bumpy astrological ride. Want to give Jessica a birthday present? This episode starts with Lanyadoo offering some practical tips for creating resolutions that actually work. This week's horoscope includes the astrology for the transition from to ! Lanyadoo reads your astro-forecast, including the emo Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th. A listener wrote in at a loss with how to deal with her family, and Lanyadoo gives her advice to help her cope.

This week's horoscope reminds us that we're all connected.

October 17 Libra Personality

Share your answers Jessica on social when you do! Feeling distressed and in need of help? A listener's mom passed away less than six months ago, and she isn't sure how to cope. Lanyadoo shares her gifts as a Medium in this special episode. In the astrology corner, it's time to unpack this week's horoscope, including a full moon ritual to help you bring closure to They are on the ground with the refugee caravan in Tijuana and have set up this fund to support the brave asylum-seekers, and are coordinating with organizations on the ground who are providing resources to address the most pressing needs.

A listener is having a hard time with relationship stress during the holidays. Lanyadoo gives practical advice for staying present when you'd rather bolt. This week's Lanyadoo focuses on Jupiter in Sagittarius, and how to use astrology wisely. Please support Families Belong Together. They are on the ground with the refugee caravan in Tijuana. Lanyadoo offers helpful tips and birth chart advice for coping with sleep problems. In the astrology corner Lanyadoo explores fear of success, and how to cope with it. Use this week's horoscope to help you light up your life and glow up.

A listener asks: "How can I honor my intuition without sacrificing the awesome and sometimes scary opportunities that life affords?

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Get a rundown on your week ahead in this week's horoscope. Come for the reliably solid advice; stay for the love and strategies. Support their work for human rights, environmental health, treaties, and food sovereignty. Please consider donating to IITC the International Indian Treaty Council to support their work for human rights, environmental health, treaties, and food sovereignty. What should you believe in, and how can you know what's right, when things feel wrong? A listener reaches out to Lanyadoo with some tender questions about love and fear of getting hurt. In the astrology corner of the podcast, Lanyadoo explores the Venus Retrograde, gender, spirituality, and ex's.

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This week's horoscope marks a shifting of tides. A listener wrote in this week on the verge of shutting down and giving up. Lanyadoo looks at her chart and gives practical advice to help her make it through. This week's horoscope delves into some uncomfortable territory that you'll be all the better for exploring.

Lanyadoo gives Heather Matarazzo an astrology reading and checks in with a lost loved one. Then it's horoscope time again.

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Come for the pep-talk, stay for the practical advice that astrology yields. Lanyadoo answers a handful of listener questions about how astrology works.

Love and Compatibility for October 17 Zodiac

Stick around for your full moon horoscope to help you make the most of the week ahead. For more magic go to www. Lanyadoo is joined by a special pre-teen guest to talk about spirituality and astrology, while noshing on chocolate chip cookies. Should you stay in a relationship after your trust has been broken? For more magic go to lovelanyadoo. Everything you want to know about Venus Retrograde: what it means, how to make use of it, and what to avoid. This episode explores values, money, love, sensuality, self esteem, and current events.

Learn astrology, and you basically learn you. Just in time for Venus Retrograde, a listener asks Lanyadoo a loaded question about money, and then at just past the 10 minute mark, it's time for this week's horoscope. For more go to lovelanyadoo.