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2014 Scorpio Horoscope

I may experience extreme highs and lows but you feel deeply connected and protected around me. Taken Scorpio signs may feel the need to romance their partner. Your partner will appreciate this a lot. Financially, you need to be a bit smarter. No more eating out for you, Scorpio!

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You might receive a very interesting and informative business related call today. However, if you have had problems in the past with generalized anxiety, you should contact your therapist today. As a Scorpio, not many people know your true feelings. Try to be more open about your life, at least towards the people that you love. If you are, make sure that you have travel insurance.

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Your lucky numbers are going to be 59, 33, 21, and 6 today. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is sending you good vibes. There are some tensions so planning a nice date night is not a bad idea. Single Scorpios should stay away from their exes today.

Weekly Scorpio Horoscope

Do your best to understand their problems and to empathise without whining or arguing. If you are a single Scorpio, pretty much anything could happen today! Especially if you are open, eager and ready for a new romantic adventure…. You need to clear a few matters up at work today and clarify where you stand.

This will allow you to eventually take the next step in your career. Your finances are going through a difficult period. If you act reasonably and manage your budget carefully, you will be able to stay ahead of any payments.

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Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Page of Swords When the Page of Swords arrives in your reading, keep your wits about you as intellect and rational logic is favored in your situation over emotional decision making. Smoky Quartz. Learn More About Crystals and Gemstones.

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